Regina Huebner - about you and me


The Deer and the Hunter


There is a wood with moss and fir.

I am the deer and you’re the hunter.

Run, run, as fast you can.

I am the deer and you’re the hunter.

Then, I will wait.  

I am the deer and you’re the hunter.

You see my heart, you see my flanks.

I am the deer and you’re the hunter.

Will turn around, will look at you.

I am the deer and you’re the hunter.

You’ll see my big brown eyes and I’ll see yours.         

I am the deer and you’re the hunter.


The Angel


Once upon a time, on the top of an ancient volcano, there fell down from the heaven, a beautiful child. Reaching the earth, so close to the glowing lava, his wings get burned. Doing to the hard wind, which blew around the volcano's top, the ashes went on the child. Mystery wills that the ashes laid down just on the surroundings and did not touch his skin. This is why that newborn boy is, until now, so beautiful when he wears total black. Only in his eyes, there fell  some ash and they are deep deep black, so profound.

Who is not afraid, to look into, will see his burned wings.


The Mushroom


The mushroom. First, there is nothing, and after a little rain, it grows. Once upon a time, a girl walked through the woods. She was poor and had no shoes. Her dirty feet felt musty leaves and cold moss on the ground. Tired, she sank down, so simply and so soft. Dewdrops wet her hair and soon she closed her faithful eyes. Why did the girl wake up? Oh, yes! Meanwhile a mushroom has grown under her resting head! That little being, neither plant nor animal, lift her gently and she got up. With new eyes, she looked now on the world and closed the mushroom into her heart: having received such soft sustain.


The Key


The key. You have the key, but I have the door. To use the key, you need the door. And me? To open my door I need the key. This is why we are so much attracted by each other. Everyone owns something the other needs. This all is, of course only my point of view. However, you have maybe – I do not think so, another one. Esperienza chiave: aprire con la chiave un cassetto. Nel cassetto è deposto il proprio cuore e aprendolo, il cuore vede la luce ed inizia a battere, si eleva e vola verso il proprio destino che ha riconosciuto suo, in questo istante.


Lady Lady Lady


Lady Lady Lady. Call me by your Name. A title of mine. Ambiguità. A man eats an egg. He could eat four eggs and more. An egg is one cell. What we see as a complex system, is one single cell. We are just the same. A beginning, which can evolve. The Lady declares herself. She is so young. She is so unexperienced. She has fear. She has courage and makes the step. She knows, that she will suffer even more. Oh, what a fortune, thanks to heaven, she did not learn from life! A monologue could be the profoundest dialogue. She can suppose. Very precious. She has the fortune.  There is such a dialogue only once. If it happens! In my case, nobody gives me anything. Nobody dialogues with me. Nobody cares about me. Am I who gives answers to myself? Yes? Yes, I could find them. Probably he did not got answers. He would be just in time to ask and to pretend. Will he do? Probably not. Will he get answers without questioning? Probably not. Maybe he is that wise to get the answers on his own. – I do not believe. Why? He has a closed mouth. I will try to open his mouth. I will do it. Call me by my name. I am you and you are me.


Ich bin das Reh

May I tell you something personal? I am afraid, yes. I fear, yes. I don’t trust you. No, I trust you. I trust in my destiny of being a deer in front of the hunter. Running through the woods. Dark light. Sometimes a sunray enters through the branches. I see it clear, polite, golden, beautiful. So thin, so true. There is no other choice, it is for me. I look ahead. Why do I run? I am conscious. Let me take breath, before. Please, let me take breath before. My side will move, under my skin you will see my heart. It beats fast. Das Reh. Es riecht nach Moos und Tannen.