Terra with happen and unhappen

Regina Huebner and Luca Lombardi

Terra with happen and unhappen, by Regina Huebner and Luca Lombardi, 2016.


The work consists of the video "happen and unhappen" (HD digital colour video, silenced ambient sound, 19’ 17” from 20') by Regina Huebner and the music "Terra" ( composition for large orchestra, recorded by Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai, conductor Frank Ollu, 18' 30") by composer Luca Lombardi. (Music starts on 1'02").

Link for Terra with happen and unhappen: https://youtu.be/EbP35EcO220


Salt weights salt

This is the old weighing scale belonged to my grandmother with which I played as I was a child, weighing and pondering objects and stuff with the masses, balancing out and trying to find the equilibrium. I guess many of us made the same game, maybe also with similar scales.

Now, after a time of life, I put salt on that weighing scale, once to the right pan, once to the left pan.

There is no measuring, salt weights salt by itself.

Yes, we cannot undo something we did, nothing can be unhappen, once it happened. But I invert the process, first the plates become empty and then they get full. It is a desire.

As in life on our earth, it appears and disappears, what I do I cannot undo and equlibrium depends from a minimum. This consciousness I feel in “Terra”, the composition by Luca Lombardi:

It is an impressive music, which embraces me with a strong sense of drama but also with huge security and "speranza"!

Luca Lombardi, talking about the title “Terra”, he gave to his composition, tells, that "terra" - earth, means also “world”, as the globe where we live, “land”, to which we belong, “ground” or “soil” as the humus where life can grow.

It makes me think on me, on us as individuums, living on this globe and exactly that sensations, which

includes comfort but also scare, feeling save and feeling precariously, is that, what our life is in real: small grains of salt amounting and disappearing. 


See the text by Luca Lombardi: Terra with happen and unhappen