Chronological list of videoworks, selection

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2023 Day of Today, 3‘06“, silence

2023/2019 time in time, chapters 234. HD BW digital video, 6'23".

2022 17 October in Kaunas, 3', ambient sound

2022 Eva und Eva, 6'45", ambient sound

2022 Pasterze II, 4'19", silence

2022 Eva (Paradies), 3'41", ambient sound

2021 Wir sind auch das, was wir nicht sind, (Venus, Archiv, Pasterze), 7'11", voice. Text.

2020 kissing

2019 Dear Cell:

Dear Cell (eyes),56'39"

Dear Cell (letters),5h58'26"

Dear Cell (transcriptions), 59'41" 

Dear Cell (cells), 34'35"

2019 about you and me (sometimes)

2018 never enough (yes), 7'12", Mayako Kubo, sound, live recording.

2018 I am walking, 2’25”, ambient sound

2018 Instead, I can even laugh, 2’35”, ambient sound

2018 cutting II, 7’40”, ambient sound

2018 milk, 2‘56“, ambient sound

2018 About you and me, 4’09”, graphic video, texts, modified sound

Texts, Regina Huebner, 2018:

The Deer and the Hunter (Das Reh und der Jäger)

The Angel (Der Engel)

The Mushroom (Der Pilz)

The Key (Der Schlüssel)

Lady Lady Lady

Ich bin das Reh


2018 I am walking. About me and you.

2016 loving. About sentiment in time

2016 healing. An intimate performance

2016 world VII. About our earth

2016 happen and unhappen. Realtime about life and time. Theme of gestures.

2015 receiving care I. Theme of gestures.

2015 preparing. Theme of gestures.

2015 world VI. About our world.

2014 cutting

2014 weakness and force. Theme of gestures.

2014 connecting times 22122 folding and unfolding my father's handkerchief.

2014 doing and undoing 

2014 world V. About our world.

2014 journey II. About journeys we do.

2013 world IV. About our world.

2013 journey I. About journeys we do.

2013 Poetry Day Madison 

2013 Marina Corona at Poetry Day

2012 specials. Part of specials to special persons.

2012 first journey. Theme of journeys.

2012 world III. About our earth.

2012 melting. Theme about gestures.

2011 world II. About our earth.

2011 world I. About our world and in world I with Mare.

2010 connecting times. Theme of times.

2010 burning.

2010 Liebe Mutti ...

2010 from me to you 

Mensch videowork from sea/man/desire

milkdrops are falling milkdrops are rising

very short clip from the installation at Cinecittà Studio 8

Music Essay 3 Steiner by M° Luca Lombardi

21 Protagonists confide a message, resting anonymous.

video without audio