Recorded voices and sounds as parts of artworks or documentation, selection.


regina spricht

Dialogue between Arnulf Rohsmann and Regina Huebner at MMKK Museum Moderner Kunst Kaernten, Klagenfurt am Woerthersee, Austria, May 2016. Introduction Christine Wetzlinger-Grundnig, director MMKK.


Anonymus dedicated to Vally

Modified audio, 17'48", 2000.

Registered voices of the 21 protagonists, while pronouncing their messages for Anonymus dedicated to Vally.

Im Gewitter der Rosen poem by Ingeborg Bachmann

Hommage to Ingeborg Bachmann, 17th Oktober 2015, the anniversary of her passing away, Piazza della Quercia 1, Rome. Walking some steps, passing by Palazzo Spada, passing by a fountain made of an acient sarcophagus, reaching Piazza della Quercia, staying under the oak-tree which gives the square it's name, looking at Palazzo Ossoli where I.B. once lived. "Im Gewitter der Rosen", poem by Ingeborg Bachmann, reading by Regina Huebner.


LA GRANDE POESIA FEMMINILE Ciclo di incontri: Ingeborg Bachmann

curated by Marina Corona, with Laura Boella and Tomaso Kemeny at Casa della Cultura, Milan

Reading of the poems in German by Regina Hübner (from 1h20'15"). Reading of the poems in italian by Sonia Grandis. 

Audio registration: http://www.casadellacultura.it/audio/2015/20150505_poesia.mp3

Goettermilch, voice of the blackbird, singing on my terrace. 1996 

No digital data.

Allein, audio of cicalas from the Island of Itaca. 1998

No digital data.

to be born, birth and first voice. 2000 

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