Dear Cell

Part of the research project Perception of Self and Nonself in Life, realized in 2019 at IMéRA Institute for Advanced Study of Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, in collaboration with CIML Institute for Immunology Marseille-Luminy. 

With the precious contributions of scientists AMU, CNRS, Inserm of CIML and Inmed Institute for Neurobiology. The scienists, together with their objects of research, are the so-called Protagonists.

Dear Cell consists of four videos: Dear Cell (eyes),56'39"; Dear Cell (letters),5h 58'26"; Dear Cell (transcriptions), 59'41"; Dear Cell (cells), 34'35". 

Read the letters of the Protagonists here: Dear Cell (transcriptions)


2021 VIDEOFORMES Digital Arts Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France, Dear Cell

2020 MANIFESTA 13 - Les Paralleles du Sud, Dear Cell MANIFESTA, Marseille, France, Dear Cell 


2019 FRAC Marseille, A*MIDEX 

2019 Tel Aviv, Mandel Center

2019 Vilnius, National Gallery

2019 IMéRA Marseille and CIML Marseille


Perception of Self and Nonself in Life - Dear Cell - Regina Huebner, Focus #1 IMéRA/AMU, Ed. IMéRA, AMU, CNRS, Inserm, CIML, 2020. 

forschung und eros / regina huebner, Arnulf Rohsmann, 2019 

Videoportrait Regina Huebner/Dear Cell, Gabriel Soucheyre, 2021 


About Dear Cell Text by Gabriel Soucheyre 

Portrait Regina Hübner Dear Cell, VIDEOFORMES 2021

Exhibition Dear Cell Regina Hübner, VIDEOFORMES 2021

Portrait de Regina Huebner VIDEOFORMES 2021, University Clermont Auvergne 


Télérama, Débats & Reportages - Arts & Expositions, Quand scientifiques et artistes unissent leurs forces by Lorraine Rossignol, 16 February 2021. Read here.

Die Brücke Kulturzeitschrift Kärnten, Nr. 20 Oct-Nov 2020, regina hübner auf der manifesta 13: dear cell,

by Arnulf Rohsmann