Gabriel Soucheyre kissing

kissing | Regina Hübner | AUT | 6’50 | 2020 by Gabriel SOUCHEYRE @ VIDEOFORMES © 2020 About the primordial act of merging with the other. Performative act by Regina Hübner, object, milk, water, ambient sound (Camera: Vega Veridiana Realacci). "kissing" was created in June 2020 in Rome, where Regina Hübner lives. There, she experienced firsthand the outbreak of the new virus, as Italy was the first nation after China facing the consequences of what has become a pandemic. The video, in the beginning inspired by an early work of P. W., transposes the artist’s feeling about the physical and emotional consequences of this special time to the concept of communication under certain circumstances: the kiss could be the first step to create something new. Regina Hübner Regina Hübner is a complete artist in the sense that on the one hand she lives only for her art and on the other hand, because she knows how to choose appropriate tools to express her thoughts, her sensitivity. Thus, when looking at her projects, she uses various media such as sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, video and various objects. She creates what she calls ambientations, in situ creations that not only accommodate a circumstantial environment but also dialogue with it and are nourished by it. Regina has a talent for grasping the universal dimension in her life experience. Love, science and eroticism are the spice of her creations. With "kissing", her latest video produced during the lockdown period, she tackles the subject the relationship with the other — a recurring theme in her work — and she questions difficulty, even impossibility of the perfect union between two beings. This video, where the artist stages a performance, puts into perspective the physical and emotional consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gabriel SOUCHEYRE @ VIDEOFORMES © 2020, Curatorship, text & voice over.