We are also what we are not

Meno Parkas Gallery


Meno Parkas Gallerija, Rotušės sq. 27, LT-44279, Kaunas, Lithuania. 

17 July – 11 August 2024, Tue – Fri 11:00–18:30, Sat – Sun 11:00–16:00. 

17 July opening with life performance. 


The first floor of the Meno Parkas Gallery hosts the exhibition We are also what we are not by Regina Hübner.

It is a so-called Ambientation, composed by the videos Eva and Eva und Eva, the objects reflection and absorption and ancient Lithuanian folk songs. It puts in evidence the interaction of empathy, memory and perception.


The exhibition is accompanied by the publication of a brochure with an exclusive art critical text.

The musical performance with traditional dress and object is by Lithuanian sopranist. 


We are also what we are not puts attention on our capability to feel empathy with what we are not and act consequently. Fundamental in relationship, communication and reciprocal understanding, empathy is influenced by our history and our perception, which determine the creation of reality, less or more shared.

What happens when we have to take a decision between life and dead?  -  Contrasts like donating/receiving or creation/destruction are put in relation to the history of this specific place throughout ancient Lithuanian folk-songs with similar themes from life. The mirror/velvet object reflects or absorbs what happens around and interprets the dualistic principles of perception and reality.  

The visitors can reflect on their capability to empathize with the others and on the value of the provocative affirmation “We are also what we are not” under their own perception of life. 



 Further information will come soon.