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The voting is closed and the winner of "Kopf des Jahres" in Culture Villach/Klagenfurt will be revealed by Kleine Zeitung at a gala in Klagenfurt, in March 2022. 




The Austrian Newspaper Kleine Zeitung highlights every year personalities in the categories of culture, sport, entrepreneurship, strong personalities and young talents. 

I was nominated for in the category "Culture" in for Villach & Klagenfurt. The voting was open until 31 December 2021.

The winner will be announced in March 2022.


I guess, my nomination is related to my monument in honour to Paul Watzlawick KOMMUNIKATION - BEZIEHUNG - WIRKLICHKEIT, at the Kurpark in Warmbad-Villach, Austria. 


Vielen Dank!


Regina Hübner Dear Cell MANIFESTA 13 Les Parallèles du Sud Marseille #DearCell #ReginaHuebner #Manifesta13Marseille  #LesParallelesduSud #Marseille
Regina Hübner - loving - Nuit Blanche Paris 2018 - Église du Saint-Esprit #ReginaHuebner
Regina Hübner at Nuit Blanche Paris 2018 with loving on the main-dome of the magnificent Église du Saint-Esprit

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