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KAUNAS 2022 Dear Cell

Monument in honour to Paul Watzlawick

Kommunikation Beziehung Wirklichkeit zu Ehren von Paul Watzlawick, 2021. 

Culture Price 2022 City of Villach

So much honoured to have received the Price for Culture 2022 of the City of Villach, Kulturpreis 2022 der Stadt Villach, my beloved birthtown! 

Laudatio by Arnulf Rohsmann.



Villach-Regina Huebner erhaelt Kulturpreis 

Villach - Fuehle mich von meiner Stadt umarmt



Photos soon.

Winner: REGINA HÜBNER Kopf des Jahres Kultur


Vielen lieben Dank! Thank you so much for your support! 

I was elected "Kopf des Jahres" in the category "Culture", by the readers of the newspaper Kleine Zeitung Villach & Klagenfurt. 

Laudatio by Martin Johaim, Kleine Zeitung. 


The Austrian Newspaper Kleine Zeitung highlights every year personalities in the categories of culture, sport, entrepreneurship, strong personalities and young talents. The voting was open until 31 December 2021. The winners were announced in April 2022 during an event in Klagenfurt. Link of the event.


I guess, my nomination and my election was related to my monument in honour to Paul Watzlawick KOMMUNIKATION - BEZIEHUNG - WIRKLICHKEIT, at the Kurpark in Warmbad-Villach, Austria. Danke!



Soon some images. 


Monument in honour to Paul Watzlawick

Permanent Artwork in public space in honour to Paul Watzlawick on his centenary, comissioned throughout an anonymous open competition by the City of Villach. Paul Watzlawick (Villach 1921 - Palo Alto 2007)

KOMUNIKATION-BEZIEHUNG-WIRKLICHKEIT zu Ehren von Paul Watzlawick, Kurpark Warmbad, Kadischenalle, Villach, Austria. 

VIDEOFORMES 2021 Dear Cell

MANIFESTA 13 Dear Cell


Regina Hübner - loving - Nuit Blanche Paris 2018 - Église du Saint-Esprit #ReginaHuebner
Regina Hübner at Nuit Blanche Paris 2018 with loving on the main-dome of the magnificent Église du Saint-Esprit

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