Regina Hübner loving


loving. It is slow, it seems long. It is short.



On a special day, I was sitting on my terrace in Rome, while I noticed the half-moon in a very rare vertical position.

It was on the 9th September, by chance my grandmother’s birthday, born in 1900. The sky was still bright, voices of people on the streets suggested a serene late-summer evening.



My mood was that of a woman with a broken heart, while reflecting about her own, lost love.


I was here, that strange half part of the moon was there. I observed the moon’s slow crossing over what seemed to me “my sky”.

I saw myself as a little individuum on a little place, at a little time, living a little life but with a big sentiment, while I was related to such greater dimensions of distance and time. I started to think about love and time.



In my eyes, that image was dramatically beautiful. It was that, what Love meant for me in this very moment: It is slow, it seems long. It is short.

The artistic work, which came out from that experience is the video, I called loving.



Regina Hübner, 2016