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Values are the prices of my original handsigned artworks to buy.

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values fotoworks - Original professional photographic prints in limited edition, availabel in different sizes, numbered, dated and handsigned by Regina Hübner.

values ambientations and installations - site-specific unique artworks in formal complexity, using different media combining video- or slideprojection, objects, sound, silent, casual movement, performance and other, all in interaction with architecture and the environment.

Dated and handsigned by Regina Huebner.

values nudes - the genre nudes are studies about the human body from life model, painted and designed on paper or canvas. the body of works is about 130 unique artworks from 1986 to 1992. Dated and handsigned by Regina Hübner.

values plastiques - unique, selfstanding objects or objects resulting from performances or installations. Dated and handsigned by Regina Huebner.

values pictures - unique artworks painted and designed with earth colors, acquerelli, tempera or pastells on paper, canvas or fabric from the earliest stages of my artistic path. Dated and handsigned by Regina Huebner.