kissing - Synopsis and Description


Digital coulor video, ambient sound, 6'50", 2020

Performative act by Regina Hübner, object, milk, water, ambient sound. (Camera Vega Veridiana Realacci)




About the primordial act of merging with the other and its impossibility.




With the kiss we exchange breath and fluid through the open mouth.

The kiss expresses love and erotica and is a symbol of hope. It is the first step to bond with someone else and to create a new unit. This requires physical closeness and willingness to abandon oneself. kissing shows the dramatic impossibility of it. 


History of the artwork 

In late 2019 I got inspired by an early work of P. W. and I conceived kissing.

But only at the end of June 2020 I realized the final version of the video. It was in Rome, where I am living. This fact has influenced the artwork, because during the time before, I have experienced vividly the outbreak of the new virus and its consequences, as Italy was the first nation after China facing the drama of what has become a global pandemic. 

Therefore kissing transposes also my physical and emotional status of those times. 


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Regina Hübner was born in Villach, Austria, she lives in Rome, Italy.

Fellow at IMèRA Institute for Advanced Study of the Aix-Marseille University in Marseille, France with her project Perception of Self and Nonself in Life. The developped artwork Dear Cell, realized in collaboration with researchers of the Institute for Modern Immunology CIML and the Institute for Neuroscience Inmed, will be exhibited at MANIFESTA 13.


Regina Hübner uses mostly experimental photography, video, sound, performance, text, subjects and objects and realizes unique ambientations. She also involves so-called Protagonists and works in collaboration with personalities from the fields of visual art, literature, music and science. She conceives symposia on the concepts of her artworks.

She holds international Solo Exhibitions, Group Shows, Participations and her artworks are in private and public collections. 



1986-1990 Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy. Master of Arts in Sculpture.

1986 Academy of Fine Arts, Carrara, Italy. Corso Libero del Nudo.

1980-1985 HTBLVA Höhere Abteilung für Kunst und Design Ortweinschule, Graz, Austria. Master of Arts in Graphic-Design.


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Solo-Exhibitions and Solo-Events (selection): MANIFESTA 13 – Les Parallèles du Sud, Nuit Blanche Paris 2018; Vilnius National Museum; Mandel Center Tel Aviv; MMKK Museum of Modern Art Carinthia; Dinzlschloss Villach; MLAC Museum Laboratory Contemporary Art Rome; EXPO 2015 Milano; change + partner contemporary art Rome; The White Night Rome; Austrian Cultural Forums Milan and Rome; Italian Cultural Institute Vienna.

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Participations and Festivals (selection): Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas; VIDEOFORMES 2019 Clermont Ferrand; Auckland Live Digital Stage; Now & After Moscow; Goethe Institut Dubai; Analog Room Dubai; Gamma Festival, Moscow; OVER THE REAL Lucca Film Festival; ADAF Athen; UZHUPIS FILM FESTIVAL; FIAV Festival Casablanca; VIDEOFORMA Festival St. Petersburg; Videodrome Paris; TIME is Love, ZKM Karlsruhe, FIVAC Festival Cuba, ADDIS VIDEO ART FESTIVAL, Strangloscope Brazil; CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain, WAC Bordeaux; Lange Nacht der Museen Austria; Fotografia Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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